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Cast Stirrups

With my Cast Stirrups, we melt aircraft-quality aluminum and cast each stirrup in a metal mould. I think this gives them better quality than sand casting. We hand sand with two grits of sand belts. The stirrups are then run through two different vibrating tubs for a slick finish before they are hand buffed to a high luster. Then they are accentuated with top and bottom wear leather.

There is, I think, a misconception about aluminum. It's really not that lightweight. My cast stirrups have good weight and balance to them. You can figure about one pound to one inch of stirrup. I even taper my 1" Oxbow and Flat-Bottom to make them kinda bottom-heavy for more balance.

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The original self-leveling heels-down cowbow stirrup.

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All my flat-bottoms are bell-shaped for an easier retreat.

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A cantilevered stirrup that sets you back on your hip pockets and puts you deeper into the saddle.

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A very comfortable slanted stirrup that takes the pressure out of your ankles and knees.

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