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I got this idea from an old cast iron stirrup from the turn of the century. The top bar, called the transom, is offset about ¾ of an inch from the bottom of the stirrup. This makes the stirrup cantilevered, pushing the bottom forward and putting your heels down. I even tilted the bottom of my 2" offsets down toward the back end of the horse so that it automatically puts your heels down which sets you back on your hip pockets and deeper into the saddle. The tilting of the bottom of the stirrup toward the back end of the horse is very important in the heels-down concept of this stirrup. Like a lot of my stuff, this stirrup is copied by the heathen Chinese, but they don't tilt the bottom down. Because of their inferior metal, they break. And because they don't ride horses, they don't understand the concept of this stirrup, and you don't get the same ride.

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2" Offset Cast Stirrup

Puts your heels down, sits you back on your hip pockets.

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3" Offset Cast Stirrup

Same as the above, just more.

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