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I've had some people call these Flat-bottom oxbows, but I really think that's a misnomer. My style is and has been bell-shaped. People have asked me if I make a visalia stirrup. Well, no. To me, a visalia is like a triangle, with sides straight up to the transom. I prefer a bell-shape, which I think allows you more room at the top of the stirrup for the toe of your boot when you exit the stirrup.

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1" Flat-Bottom Cast Stirrup

The narrowness of the stirrup allows the boot to bend a little bit, making kindofa pocket.

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1¾" Flat-Bottom Cast Stirrup

A little more area than a 1". Excellent feel and balance. One of my best sellers for 20 years.

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2½" Flat-Bottom Cast Stirrup

Just a little more than all the above.

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