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My Lite stirrups are really handmade. I take a 6061 ¼" aluminum flatbar, cut to length. I hand-trace it out, and cut 'em on an American-made 1948 DoAll Bandsaw. Then I straighten out any imperfections on an American-made Grobb rotary file. I then round off the edges with a table router and hand-form the stirrup. Then it is hand-buffed to a high sheen, then accentuated with American-made Wickett & Craig leather.

These are pretty much like my casts, just for folks that like a lighter stirrup. Because they're handmade, I can do Youth and Extra-Large. One of the pleasures of my life is being able to help people with disabilities, and because they're handmade, if you have any special needs, just call me.

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The original self-leveling heels-down cowbow stirrup.

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All my flat-bottoms are bell-shaped for an easier retreat.

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A very comfortable slanted stirrup that takes the pressure out of your ankles and knees.


The Twister

Levels out your foot and puts a twist to the fender.

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