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Steel Stirrups

I make my Steel Stirrups out of ¼" and/or 3/16" mild steel. We can totally cover them with rawhide, or do a "half-breed", with just the bottom covered. These will rust, for that punchy look. Heavy, lots of balance, lots of feel. What most people like about these is if and when your foot comes off that stirrup, the weight helps it to stay right there. Lots of people who start colts ride these. The only bad thing about these is when you pull a saddle off on a cold morning and one of these hits you in the shin, you may say words you don't want your mother to hear.

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The original self-leveling heels-down cowbow stirrup.

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All my flat-bottoms are bell-shaped for an easier retreat.

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The Twister

Levels out your foot and puts a twist to the fender.

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