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Rawhide Covered Stirrups

Rawhide covered stirrups are basically for people who want a more traditional, conventional look. The rawhide adds a little weight, not very much. I use a heavy rawhide from Mexico. This is probably the only thing that I buy that's imported. The Mexicans have for years been famous for their rawhide.

I hand-lace these with the finest latigo I can find, which I get from Triple C Leather. Please call me for pricing.

1" Oxbow Steel Stirrup
2" Oxbow Steel Stirrup
1" Flat-Bottom Steel Stirrup
1" Slanted Flat-Bottom Steel Stirrup
2" Flat-Bottom Steel Stirrup
2" Slanted Flat-Bottom Steel Stirrup
1" Oxbow Lite Stirrup
2" Oxbow Lite Stirrup
2" Flat-Bottom Lite Stirrup
3" Flat-Bottom Lite Stirrup
4" Flat-Bottom Lite Stirrup
2" Slanted Lite Stirrup
3" Slanted Lite Stirrup
4" Slanted Lite Stirrup
1" Twister Steel Stirrup
2" Twister Steel Stirrup
1" Twister Lite Stirrup
2" Twister Lite Stirrup
3" Twister Lite Stirrup
4" Twister Lite Stirrup

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