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Barrel Racers/Trail Riders

In 1995, I took some of my Cast Stirrups to the Old Fort Days Barrel Futurity in Ft. Smith, AR. I didn't do very well, so I went back home and designed a stirrup pretty much for barrel racing. We make these just like we make my Lite stirrups. What I like about these is that they're lightweight, but the rubber that is sewn to the leather bottom adds weight to make them bottom-heavy, with a kinda balanced feel to them. The 2" weighs 14oz. Because these are handmade, we can make the top to fit the fender, a standard 3", 2½", or 2". Just ask. Of course they come in Straight, Offset, Slanted, and Offset-Slanted. We can also do Oxbows, Youth, and Extra Large.

I started adding the name "Trail Rider" a couple of years ago 'cause they kinda crossed over to them. They really like 'em, especially the Slanted and Offset-Slanted.

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For those who prefer a very light flat-bottom.

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A very comfortable slanted stirrup that takes the pressure out of your ankles and knees.

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A cantilevered stirrup that sets you back on your hip pockets and puts you deeper into the saddle.

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Puts your heels down, while also relieving pressure on your ankles and knees.

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The Twister

Levels out your foot and puts a twist to the fender.

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